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January 14, 2010

in·com·mu·ni·ca·do (nk-myn-käd) adv. & adj. Without the means or right of communicating with others. (postpositive) deprived of communication with other people  [from Spanish incomunicado, from incomunicar to deprive of communication; see in-1, communicate]

Friday morning I’m off. Leaving SFO for points South, the likes of which I cannot tell you about ’til I get back. Just know that I should have a couple of good stories and maybe- HOPEFULLY- a slew of new comic ideas. Ideally, I’d love to come up with a new story idea for our gang of MythAdventurers. So don’t get bummed if I don’t respond to your comments or don’t approve any blog comments next week it’s only because I won’t have access to the internet. Told ya’ I’ll be ‘incommunicado’.

Below is a picture of myself that I took yesterday with the camera on a Macbook Pro.

I didn’t realize that a mirror effect would occur and reverse all the text and pictures, but yes that is a picture of the book I am holding and no, I didn’t screw up and print the dang thing back-asswards. I merely submit this evidence as proof that I have not been yanking your chains all this time and that the first MythTickle collection is in fact a reality. I had the printer overnight me a few copies before I left on the ‘super-secret trip’. The big shipment is due to arrive on Jan. 27th and I hope to have a webpage set up by then so that you all can all buy your multiple copies. Man, listen to me getting all capitalist and stuff. Yeeesh! What is happening to me?????????

Anyway I’m off.

Following the bees.