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March 13, 2011

Evidently the bees have it. But it clearly wasn’t a landslide, and it showed me that there is a whole lot of interest in the ‘middle ages’ story and that’s great. So I will be running that as well, later in the year. So. Both sides actually win. It’s just that the bees get first buzz, and that’s fitting since chronologically it happened before the other story.

So starting Monday morning, the bees saga will begin. Going back into these files, tweaking them, polishing them up, and getting them ready to go over the weekend, I found that I’m very happy to bring this to you again. There’s actually some good stuff in there, it surprised me a few times. I haven’t looked at it in a long while.

Keep in mind that this was three years ago and Boody doesn’t have his wings back yet. Although I’m sure I’ll get letters and comments anyway, and that’s OK. Just so you know, I thought that writing “Classic MythTickle” over every one of these would be kind of tedious, I mean you all know it, right?

So in closing, thank you all very much for your input and now here’s a bee joke:

Me– Aaaugh! Please doctor help me! I have been stung by a dang bee.
Doctor– Oh, calm down. I’ll put some cream on it.
Me– Fool! You’ll never find that bee, it must be MILES away by now.
Doctor– No, no, please understand. I’ll put some cream on the place where YOU were stung.
Me– It happened in the garden, where I was sitting under a tree. But putting analgesic cream on the grass is not exactly eco-friendly, sir.
Doctor– Grrrr!  No. I mean in which part of your body did the bee sting you?
Me– Oh! The bee stung me on my finger.
Doctor– Which one?
Me– Well how am I supposed to know? All the bees look alike to me……….. I’m not racist. I like bees, generally.

Decisions vs. Decisions…

March 8, 2011

Thanks for comin’ over, folks, I know… it’s been a long time since my last blog. Sorry. So here’s my dilemma; As some of you know, my job here at Creative Associates (Peanuts), has changed this year and as a result my duties have gotten extensive. Maybe you’ve noticed the increase in “Classic MythTickle” strips, well this is mainly why. Also, my commute just got another half hour tacked onto it every day so I have very little free time. What all this means to MythTickle is, I generally do not have the time to devote to our comic that I really need to keep it steadily going. At least not now in this new adjustment period. I have been assured that my workload will ease up sometime this summer. I so don’t want to end the strip, I really love it and many of you have told me that you do too but I’m kind of in a corner here. I either have to end the strip completely or rerun another long storyline and so, to keep these characters alive, I’ve decided to rerun a story. WAIT! DON’T TURN AWAY! I WILL be posting new strips intermittently during the run of the storyline, so it won’t be just a whole month of reruns. What I want to do here is run a good story, instead of digging around in my archives all the time for crap strips that I’d rather not even look at again anyway, let alone expose you all to.

So here’s my question to you: Do I run the old Egyptian one again where they go in search of the lost bees, or do I rerun the one where Boody gets captured by St. George in the middle ages?

Egyptian Bees, or Middle Ages, that’s the choice. I’d run the Underworld one again but it’s been less than a year for that one and it’s just too soon. So please email me at or just respond here and I’ll tabulate the votes this coming weekend and start it rolling on Monday.

Thanks very much for your input, your patience, and your understanding.

– Justin