Decisions vs. Decisions…

Thanks for comin’ over, folks, I know… it’s been a long time since my last blog. Sorry. So here’s my dilemma; As some of you know, my job here at Creative Associates (Peanuts), has changed this year and as a result my duties have gotten extensive. Maybe you’ve noticed the increase in “Classic MythTickle” strips, well this is mainly why. Also, my commute just got another half hour tacked onto it every day so I have very little free time. What all this means to MythTickle is, I generally do not have the time to devote to our comic that I really need to keep it steadily going. At least not now in this new adjustment period. I have been assured that my workload will ease up sometime this summer. I so don’t want to end the strip, I really love it and many of you have told me that you do too but I’m kind of in a corner here. I either have to end the strip completely or rerun another long storyline and so, to keep these characters alive, I’ve decided to rerun a story. WAIT! DON’T TURN AWAY! I WILL be posting new strips intermittently during the run of the storyline, so it won’t be just a whole month of reruns. What I want to do here is run a good story, instead of digging around in my archives all the time for crap strips that I’d rather not even look at again anyway, let alone expose you all to.

So here’s my question to you: Do I run the old Egyptian one again where they go in search of the lost bees, or do I rerun the one where Boody gets captured by St. George in the middle ages?

Egyptian Bees, or Middle Ages, that’s the choice. I’d run the Underworld one again but it’s been less than a year for that one and it’s just too soon. So please email me at or just respond here and I’ll tabulate the votes this coming weekend and start it rolling on Monday.

Thanks very much for your input, your patience, and your understanding.

– Justin

18 Responses to “Decisions vs. Decisions…”

  1. Larry Says:

    Egyptian Bees.

    I have less recollection of that one.

  2. Crystalwizard Says:

    I haven’t read either of those storylines, Justin – I came into the strip late – and they both sound interesting. I think the middle ages one sounds just slightly more interesting, so I’ll vote for that one.

  3. Coyoty Says:

    I’d go with the road less traveled. If the Middle Ages story hasn’t been rerun before, use that. Otherwise, go with the Egyptian Bees. Which is older?

  4. LadyRyln Says:

    is there one of these that you can expand the older story line with some new strips interspersed? (ie retell the old story, but add another character perspective, one that might be looking back into the past?)

    This would allow most of the strips to be from the classic, but let you maintain continuity when posting the occasional newer strip.

    • mythtickle Says:

      Hi LadyRyln,
      I don’t really want to mess with the story, but I might come up with a good one and place it in there if one comes up. But it’d have to be a reeeeeally good one. I’d really rather just place new ones in here and there with the characters who aren’t on the adventure.

  5. jonquil Says:

    good luck with the longer commute!

  6. Silent Knight Says:

    GO BEE’S! GO BEE’S! GO BEE’S!!!!

    This is mostly because I have seen the medivale story (Which I toattly loved) but have not read the bees.

  7. TaMara Says:

    I think you should run as many repeats as you need to. I voted for start from the beginning and move forward. If you need to take some time off, I’d love to see the development of the strip over the years. Just don’t quit and don’t let those who don’t understand how complicated it is to create a strip razz you for having to do repeats.

  8. tervicz Says:

    I’d vote for Egyptian Bees too, I too have come in “late” and not seen this one too, I’ve only seen the Underworld one … so would very much love to see Bees all the way through. 🙂

    Brilliant (and very nicely drawn!) strips, very much enjoyed them over the last year so thank you. Karma’s one word answer to Dziva about youth … most perfect single strip in history!

  9. mythtickle Says:

    Wow, first of all I can’t believe the amounts of votes this has received today. Fantastic. Second, I can’t believe how close the voting is. Counting personal emails, it’s just about a tie.
    Thank you, Merci, Obrigado, Molte grazie, ありがとうございます, Ahxéhee’, tujay-chay, Mahalo nui, 唔該, Pilámaya, Ευχαριστώ, Danke schön, شكرا, Dzięki, dhanyavād, Asante, Mange Takk, Спасибо, Muchas gracias, for all of your interest and support.
    I won’t let you down.


  10. Wolf Says:


    I haven’t seen that one

  11. The Gray Monk Says:

    As someone who hasn’t read either of the storylines you suggest, Egyptian Bees, or St George – I’m happy either way. I enjoy this strip and look forward to its appearances so I’m happy to wait for things to get back to normal and read the reruns in the interim.

  12. Jukebox Says:

    I second what TaMara said. Do as many repeats as you need. Don’t stress it and come back with new ones when you are able. No good pushing yourself so hard that it is no fun. We will be here when you are ready. The idea of seeing your strips from the beginning is also interesting. Always cool to see how an artist’s style matures and grows with the flow. Best of luck.

  13. Jerry Says:

    Justin, I voted for Bees, but will be happy with anything that keeps the much loved gang going. Old, older or ancient doesnt matter and to this fan there are no crap strips. Best wishes and good luck. Confusion can be an excellent teacher at times.

  14. Marijah Says:

    Just wanted to say how excited my husband were to see you listed as the illustrator for one of my son’s Peanuts’ book.

  15. Hughbeehayve Says:

    I liked both stories, so I am abstaining. It’s just nice that when entering the Gocomics site there is an updated Mythtickle. Hope that there will be new ones when the workload gets lighter.

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