Evidently the bees have it. But it clearly wasn’t a landslide, and it showed me that there is a whole lot of interest in the ‘middle ages’ story and that’s great. So I will be running that as well, later in the year. So. Both sides actually win. It’s just that the bees get first buzz, and that’s fitting since chronologically it happened before the other story.

So starting Monday morning, the bees saga will begin. Going back into these files, tweaking them, polishing them up, and getting them ready to go over the weekend, I found that I’m very happy to bring this to you again. There’s actually some good stuff in there, it surprised me a few times. I haven’t looked at it in a long while.

Keep in mind that this was three years ago and Boody doesn’t have his wings back yet. Although I’m sure I’ll get letters and comments anyway, and that’s OK. Just so you know, I thought that writing “Classic MythTickle” over every one of these would be kind of tedious, I mean you all know it, right?

So in closing, thank you all very much for your input and now here’s a bee joke:

Me– Aaaugh! Please doctor help me! I have been stung by a dang bee.
Doctor– Oh, calm down. I’ll put some cream on it.
Me– Fool! You’ll never find that bee, it must be MILES away by now.
Doctor– No, no, please understand. I’ll put some cream on the place where YOU were stung.
Me– It happened in the garden, where I was sitting under a tree. But putting analgesic cream on the grass is not exactly eco-friendly, sir.
Doctor– Grrrr!  No. I mean in which part of your body did the bee sting you?
Me– Oh! The bee stung me on my finger.
Doctor– Which one?
Me– Well how am I supposed to know? All the bees look alike to me……….. I’m not racist. I like bees, generally.

One Response to “Results”

  1. Robin Baker Says:

    WINNING!, for both sides. Love the bee joke Justin. Best to you on the new venture. Keep tweeting to let us know what’s developing as we await your return. And please, I’m still waiting for Boody and Sir Dudley T-shirts.

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