On the cliff again.

Surgery is scheduled for Monday around 1 PM and although I went through the same operation last December with no problems, this time I’m freaking out. I can’t make sense of why, I should be more confident. As I said, last time went very well and my pain was manageable. I know exactly what to expect and I know I can handle that fine. But now I can’t sleep, can’t concentrate, and have to take an anxiety med called ‘Lorazepam,’ which does no discernible service.
This will be the second surgery on this right knee, I’ve had three on the left over the years. I told the doc he should just sew zippers on the damn things, seeing as how often they get opened up. Yeah I’ve gone through a lot of pain on these knees and I’ve wondered if I had known what I would be going through to engender these problems, would I go through those acts again?
A hundred times ‘yes’.

When given the chance to fly, you should never worry about the landing.
To fly on a zip-line dressed as Batman over a crowd of hundreds of spectators,
To fly over jumps in the desert on a dirt motorcycle and ramps on a street motorcycle in a stunt show, and
To fly up for two-handed slam dunks in high school was worth the crashes of the multiple landings that have led me here.
My basketball coach in High School, Coach Burdett used to say, “Man, I love to watch you dunk but you are going to have a lot of problems with your knees later in life.” From the height I was descending he told me. I was only 6 ft. tall in high school and I payed no attention, it was just too fun.
So here I am.

The strip: I’ve planned ahead for MythTickle and in the next few weeks there will be a mix of repeats and newbies just like normal. But someday soon I’m going to have to run the long storyline that I ran about three years ago, ‘Boody In The Underworld’. For the new people here you’re really in for some surprises. For those who have read it, I think you’ll like seeing it again, judging from the great response it garnered the first time. But more on that as it approaches.

I’m going to really try to keep up with this blog while I am recuperating so drop by every day or two and see what I’m on about, OK?

Oh, and please write back. My responses should be entertaining, seeing as how many heavy medications I will be on.


16 Responses to “On the cliff again.”

  1. Robert Little Says:

    If Mythtickle gets weird, we’ll presume it’s the meds.

    Rest assured that the “reruns” are as enjoyable as the first time around. Your art is so rich that there are always new things to discover no matter how many times we see them. We, your fans, love Mythtickle and all your art.

    Give Boody and Karma and all the gang a big hug from Whitecarabao. And you take care of those knees!

    –Robert “White Carabao” Little

  2. Robin Baker Says:

    Boody in the Underworld was a great story!. Speaking of… will you be bringing out another book? Best of luck with the surgery. If you wonder are you doing the right thing, I have an aunt that waited too long, she is in so much pain, but the knees have deteriorated too far for surgery. So know that you had a blast in the past and you will get through this too.

  3. whalehugger Says:

    Wishing you well on the surgery. I’m just getting over a fractured ankle, and even though it didn’t involve surgery, it was scary just the same, especially at my age. Take care and heal well!

  4. Barry Barrett Says:

    Good luck Justin and get well soon!

  5. Jinjer Says:

    I am grateful you are on the planet. Here’s hoping your surgery can help you enjoy it for decades to come!

  6. Ame Says:

    Just do what you need to do, get better and come back to us. I am facing a knee operation soon, too, so maybe we can recuperate and commiserate together at some point.

  7. BonnaMettie Says:

    Having been through my share of surgeries, I guess being forewarned isn’t necessarily a good thing. But at least you can take comfort in the fact that you don’t have a third knee! As far as the strip – it’s all good. Wishing you a smooth recovery.

  8. raeann09 Says:

    Good luck today, Justin. I don’t know how I missed it before, but this is my first time reading your blog! I’m a little shook up that you never read Tolkien, but I’ll get over it….. Since the re-runs won’t be re-runs for me I’ll have as much fun with them as you did with The Hobbit!

    • mythtickle Says:

      Thanks Raeanne,
      You should scroll down and read my Cuba Journals from last December when I was in Havana for a week on a special mission. 🙂
      It’s a long, 6 part story but I have a feeling you’ll really like it. It’s all true, everything that happened.

  9. jonquil Says:

    Good luck!

  10. T Says:

    Wishing you well, lad, and a speedy recovery. I’m fairly “new” to Mythtickle, and I’ve been “spreading the word”!

  11. Robin Baker Says:

    Hi Justin, Hope all went well Monday and the OT/PT people aren’t torturing you too badly!

  12. Doug S. Says:

    Speedy recovery! I’ve just discovered the blog, otherwise these wishes would be timlier.

  13. nightgaunt49 Says:

    Best wishes as always to you and to recovery.

  14. nightgaunt49 Says:

    I have not read the “Boody in the Underword” yet. I hope there are references to many underworlds in myth. Aztec, Sumerian, etc.

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