The Hobbit


No spoilers here,
but I assume that 90% of you readers of my comic strip are familiar with what happens in the story anyway. I was not. I never read Tolkien (not for lack of trying, believe me) so I went in cold and didn’t know what would happen in the movie. Now I feel really lucky for this because I was completely involved in this movie the whole time. If I knew the book I wouldn’t have been invested in the action I don’t think. I would have remained ‘outside’ and been nit-picking on what was in the book and what they left out and such. Man, it was incredible! Honestly, I’m not a LOTR fan, but a week ago I went to a marathon showing of all three films in a row on the big screen. I went with William, my 10 yr old son and we sat there from 11:00 AM to 11:30 PM, an entire day in Middle Earth. I thought I would be in hell but y’know? Seeing all three of them like that in a row as one long story- I finally ‘got it’. I saw the big picture, the whole story, and I really liked it. Maybe that’s what opened me up to the Hobbit movie.

But I have to say it was by far a much better movie than any of the other three are, mainly because this movie had such a great sense of humor to it. The characters and even some of the antagonists were genuinely funny and I SO appreciated that. It was quite a welcome change from the other LOTR movies where everyone seemed to be crying every five minutes. That got tiresome for me very quickly. But The Hobbit had a wonderful balance to it, the drama and action were perfectly balanced and offset by the frequent humor and it all complimented itself beautifully.
And what imagination and art! It was a total feast for me visually but what kept me really involved the most was that these ‘heroes’ were such underdogs, they are up against so much and they just keep going forward with ultimate confidence. How can you not love that?

I haven’t read any reviews on it yet but I hope they are good so I don’t look like an idiot for writing all of this. I hope you all like it too.

I’ll write again soon, post-surgery.



7 Responses to “The Hobbit”

  1. Patricia in OR Says:

    well, we won’t be seeing it for a couple of weeks at least, I think… so it’s really nice to see such a positive reaction. we do know the story, some, not people who’ve been reading it annually for most of their lives, but some. I was a hold-out too! Just couldn’t bring myself to read the Trilogy or any of the rest for a really long time, partly because everybody was so over-the-moon about it! When I married, teh DH was a fan, but reasonable. When the kiddo came along, I knew I’d have to read it sometime, 8-). So I was probably at least 50 (he’d be 5…) think it was a bit later than that. We read the Hobbit first, then started on the Trilogy when we heard the movies were coming.
    whatever, glad you enjoyed it. we tend to watch movies for entertainment, not for picking at things, no matter how well-beloved the source material (well, I seem to be able to compartmentalize and just enjoy the moment, more-so than the males, generally…)

  2. Ame Says:

    What an experience that must have been for you to see that magical land unfold before your eyes for the first time. I am a book lover – I have read and re-read those books so many times I could probably recite them in my sleep. I have a super (almost jealous) appreciation of your first journey!!! The reviews are great – the movie surpassed Avatar in sales and Middle Earth lives on!! Oh, to be you…. 🙂

  3. Jinjer Says:

    I have read the Hobbit more times than I can count. Still that movie transported me. Yes, there are differences. Otherwise those of us who know the story so well would be saying the dialogue along with the characters and spoiling it for you. Apparently, much that was not in the book came from other writings by Tolkien to give depth and context for the central story.

    I’m so glad you liked it.

  4. Dee Says:

    The tone of the Hobbit is different from LotR in part because of its audience. As I understand it, Tolkien wrote the Hobbit 1st as a story for his son, then went back and wrote the darker saga.

    Personally, I don’t like LotR and didn’t see the movies (pauses here to let cried of blasphemy pass) but am looking forward to the Hobbit. It was the 1st real fantasy other than fairy tales I was exposed to and I’m hoping to get as much enjoyment from the movie as my 6 yr old self did the book.

  5. goldenroya Says:

    You have a point about the humor! Sir Ian McKellan (Gandalf) was asked in an interview if he was disappointed in being “demoted” from the all-powerful Gandalf the White back to being merely Gandalf the Grey. He said he actually preferred being in his greys. “Gandalf the White is such a boring stick in the mud,” he said. “Gandalf the Grey can drink, he can smoke, he can have fun.” 🙂

  6. Doug S. Says:

    The Hobbitt is a MUCH easier read – LOTR is tedius and I suffered through all three volumes (why? For the sake of my girlfriend who insisted and the fact that I really am a fan of Sci-Fi and (some) fantasy), but I loved reading The Hobbitt. The Hobbitt is plot driven – LOTR has far too many digressions into Myth and history for my taste. (Tolkein was trying to create a complete mythology – ergo, that’s why it’s written that way – I understand that; I just don’t have to like it).

    So, go back and read The Hobbitt … you’ll probably enjoy it very much. (And if you’ve not read Jim Butcher’s 6 volumes starting with Furies of Calderon (aka Codex Alera, book 1), I give it my highest recommendation as an excellent read.)

  7. nightgaunt49 Says:

    I finally read Tolkien with “The Hobbit.” I wanted to see what was in, what was new, how they were doing it with additions from other fragments and notes. They went about a third of the way in. They remade sections of it, Gandalf is in it much more than in the novel. I liked it myself. The 3 Ring stories were very interesting. I give it high marks.

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