What Did You Expect?


So let’s move on, OK?
Some people seem genuinely disappointed that the world didn’t end today, isn’t that messed up? Not only does that come off as a tad selfish, but I have to wonder- have these people grown so bored with real life that a ‘Michael Bay Day’ really sounds like the best alternative to a hum-drum afternoon?
So do it!
What better day than today to blow up some aspect of your life that you would rather not live with anymore? Be it an old hanger-on friend who you just can’t stand but don’t have the heart to blow off, or really face that personal fear or horrible bad habit that you have and declare a doomsday on it.
Think about how empowering that is. Choose today rather than January first to make that life-changing resolution.
You have the power to blow up your own world and change it, and if you do that- you’re bad ass! You’re Galactus, Cthulu, Shiva, all of them!
Don’t feel all powerless and shaky, looking up at the sky today, thinking about it all happening upon you,….
Make a change to be that better person you’ve always wanted to be, today is the perfect day.

Doomsday comes but once in a lifetime.


5 Responses to “What Did You Expect?”

  1. surfstuff55 Says:

    There’s something better waiting over the Rainbow Bridge! Leave it all behind. Cross over and blow that baby to smithereens.

  2. BonnaMettie Says:

    Self- improvement is my never-ending quest even though I feel like I’m spinning my wheels sometimes.

  3. Saskfan Says:

    I had a job interview on Dec. 21. I’m a month into the new job, and I love it. That wass my life-changing, temp-world – ending day.

  4. nightgaunt49 Says:

    The good thing was it wasn’t the disaster the Maya were talking about. There is one but not this one. When the Tzitzimines come down from the stars after the largest earth quake ever. (Even larger than the one that shook the earth so much it changed our rotation slightly back in 2006. The demons would be here to hunt down and eat the survivors.

  5. doug Says:

    thanks ,but not for reminding me that all change is upon us but that we change our selves,look beyond today for tomorrow is a new day.

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