First off, my second new knee is doing really well and I’m settling into the idea of having a set. I’m not limping much anymore and that’s good.
So, news; Firstly, that Venus strip today (May 15th), is the first of a 4 or maybe 5 part little series so I hope you enjoy these new ones. I’ve recently written about 30 new strips that I think are really fun, I just can’t seem to get the time I need to ink and color them. But I’m trying, I really am. I’m running on very little sleep this week, preparing these strips, but damn it’s fun to get back into it. I’m really enjoying doing this. I was supposed to have written this blog you are now reading last night but I fell asleep on the couch before I could even get a few words down. That’s why it’s posting a little late.
Secondly, ‘Kickstarter’: Have you heard of this? Where you hit up your fans on the internet and try to raise money for your project? My buddy Alexis Fajardo of ‘Kid Beowulf’ recently did it and he funded the publication of his lasted book (I’m glad to say I helped) and now I’m wondering if I should do that to raise the money for the new MythTickle book. Whether I do Kickstarter or not, I will have a new book this year, likely this fall. What is attractive about Kickstarter is you get your funding to publish your book and the fans who contribute are guaranteed a copy. What I don’t like about it is if you don’t raise enough money to reach the goal, you don’t get any money and you look like a total failure and have no confidence to ever even think about publishing a book or doing anything creative ever again. Also, it seems like… I don’t know, there’s just something… desperate or “beggy” about it. It’s never seemed ‘overly classy’ to me, but I’m just too old school I guess. It looks like this is how things are done now so maybe I should just get over myself and do it. Let me know what you think about this, OK?
One last thing, I checked my subscription numbers yesterday over at GoComics and was just blown away. I don’t look at that very often, maybe once every 4 or 5 months or so, and I saw that I’m very close to having 10,000 subscribers! I am so happy! Mainly because I do hardly ANY promotion for the comic and I still seem to be growing and that tells me it’s all word of mouth. That’s all about YOU guys!

Thank you so much for spreading the word around to your friends, please keep that going.


12 Responses to “Kickstarting?”

  1. Ame Says:

    You rock, Justin! I was going to have the same surgery, but I talked my doctor out of it for now. Glad you are doing better!! I think you would do well on Kickstarter – if you have that many subscribers, then you have that many fans who will buy your book. I have your first one – I would certainly get a new one!! Rock on!!

    • mythtickle Says:

      Thanks Ame. Y’know, when you wrote, ‘if you have that many subscribers, then you have that many fans who will buy your book.’, well,… I thought that the first time and now I have several boxes of ‘MythTickle One’ collecting dust.I did make my money back on it though and I’m so glad you enjoy it. I plan to be smarter on the next book.
      Thanks so much for your support.

  2. Bonna Mettie Says:

    Well, nothing ventured nothing gained, I guess, as long as you’re able to make peace with any negative possibliities and not let it be a self-esteem crusher. Easier said than done. But the book news is great to hear!!!

    • mythtickle Says:

      Bonna, just about everything seems to be a self-esteem crusher anymore. The crusher is a big, yellow, diesel, construction vehicle that chases me around and is gaining on me.

  3. surfstuff55 Says:

    If half of your GoComics subscribers bought into the Kickstarter at the level necessary to get the book, would you get the funding you need? And you need to think of perks for those who can’t dig into their pockets enough to get the book at this time. It’s got to be worth some serious thought though.

    • mythtickle Says:

      It’s so hard to figure, when I published the first book, GoComics’ listing of subscribers said that I had a bit over 6,000 Subscribers. So I figured, hell, if only one thousand of those six thousand people bought the book then I’d do OK. Well,.. of those 6,000 subscribers, only roughly 300 people actually bought the book. I was able to just make up for the cost of publishing but I was hoping to get SOME profit from it. So trying to figure what your readers will actually do is nearly impossible to figure. But I am so afraid of getting burned again that it has kept me from investing in the production of another book.

      • Robin Baker Says:

        I understand how you feel. It’s a shame, because I really enjoyed the first book, and have wished you’d do another one. I know it’s a lot of work, and if you can’t even break even, it has to be very discouraging. But you know Karma would encourage you. Keep on trying, go for the good. You may get burned, but every once in a while perseverance pays off. BTW, VERY glad the knee is doing better.

  4. TheSkulker Says:

    I do hope you publish a print edition this year. Then it will be eligible for a Hugo nomination. The only other graphic novel artist nominated for a Hugo in many years that even comes close to the same ball park as you is Phill Foglio with his Girl Genius. And speaking of Phil, he just started (today), a Kick Starter for his latest volume. You probably could get some good ideas and guidance from that project or even from him.

    Re Vol 1, if you still have that stock how about putting them up for sale? You have a lot of new readers that probably don’t even know there are print editions. If you need help on setting up a retail site I am sure that there are a lot of your followers willing and able to help you. And with a concrete site to point to, even more can help in promoting it.

    As someone once said, “Don’t put hide your candle under a basket”. IOW, don’t be afraid to ask. It makes us feel good to be able to help.

    Lastly: “Subscribers”??? I don’t like sounding dumb but I have been reading Mythtickle and have been a paid subscriber of goComics for many years yet I see nothing about “subscribing” to a particular strip so I know not of that which you speak. Please educate.

    Lastly2: Glad to hear your knee is progressing well.

    • mythtickle Says:

      The book is available and always has been at, I do mention that every few weeks or so but no one ever buys it and then I feel kind of stupid for even mentioning it..
      I’m not exactly sure how the subscribers thing works, you could ask GoComics, I think they must have an email there on the home page. I think it’s when you have a paid subscription and you get a webpage, you can pick the comics you like all on one page. If I’m one of them then that’s a ‘subscriber’ to my strip. I think.
      I’m not sure how any of it works exactly. We all get a little money (some more than others obviously) every three months based on our subscribers but I haven’t seen much of an increase in that $ since I started, yet I have more and more readers each quarter. So it beats me. I’ve asked them a few times about it but the answer is always so vague and mumbo-jumboed that I can never understand it.
      I’ve been doing MythTickle for nearly 9 years so you can’t really say that I’m easily defeated but really, I’m just hanging onto this by a thread. After all of this time I’ve not made that much of an impression.

  5. Catmagnet2 Says:

    What about Indiegogo? Didn’t Tom Racine do a fundraise through that? I’ve heard some folks say it is more friendly than KS. Either way, I’m in!

  6. Robert Little Says:

    My feelings about “kickstarting” echo yours. Personally, I always feel awkward asking people for money — even when raising money for a worthy charity (much less a project of my own).

    As for selling books, I have seen what it takes. For 29 years my wife has owned a mailorder bookshop, Philippine Expressions, dedicated to books on the Philippines and books by Filipino and Filipino-American authors in just about every category you can think of — cookbooks, history, fiction, childrens’ books, academic studies, art, natural history, and on and on. (The Filipino connection is where my “White Carabao” handle comes from). I know many authors and have seen the book business pretty much from concept to sale.

    As you well know, writing and publishing a book is hard work, but it is probably the easiest part. For most authors, selling their book is hard and tedious. A few are superb salesmen — hooray for them –but most would rather not do sales — I’m no salesman and empathise.

    Justin, I know you love the characters and the Mythtickle universe that you have created. Your passion shows, and we, your fans, love them too and are continually delighted, amazed and amused at your creativity and artistry. The numbers don’t lie. Your fan base is growing because you have earned it. Yes, it’s largely word of mouth, but your fans “evangelize” for Mythtickle because we love it and enjoy and appreciate your work.

    I was an early purchaser of Volume I and plan on being an early purchaser of Volume II (whenever that is). A reminder of my cautionary note: Be sure to allow plenty of gutter space for the binding.

    And now for something competely different: May your healing continue and your knee be completely healed soon.

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